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C&B Racing Team - Powerboat team from Italy

JH Powerboat Racing, Norway

Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club in UK

Water motorsports tradition Bauska and its district began to develop in 1960, when the water began to start the first motocross riders. Later the collective farm "Friendship" water motor sports section and a boat workshop with rich traditions and high achievements in sports in Latvian. Unfortunately, within a short period after Latvian independence this sport did not find sufficient support, so Bauska water motocross riders had to start individually and should agree a joint organization. To achieve this, the general meeting of 31 January 1999 came the best motocross riders from Bauska water. Meeting at which the heads of elected Didzis Paegle, agreed on the establishment of a new club setting - "MĒMELES SPORTS". With the same name still exists. At first, the team was hard to get high results in a small number of participants, but already in 2008 have achieved high quality results - Latvian Championship team won 2nd place in cup. This led to the inspiration and incentive to set a goal to become the best. With the fighting spirit and experience in recent years it has already achieved in 2012 and 2014.

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